Dr. Jacqueline Brending

Dr. Jacqueline Brending
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Clear Lake Eye Center was founded by Dr. Brending in August 1994. She graduated from the University of Houston, College of Optometry, with Honors in 1990. Her professional interests include: general optometry, therapeutic optometry, glaucoma specialty, and the fitting of glasses and contact lenses, including bifocal rigid oxygen permeable and soft multifocal contact lenses. She is a licensed therapeutic optometrist and glaucoma specialist. This gives her the ability to provide red eye medical treatment, macular degeneration treatment, glaucoma treatment, and co-management of LASIK

Certificaton, Education & Training

Dr. Brending strives to be on the leading edge of optometry to provide the best eye examinations she can for her patients. She has recently become one of the first doctors of optometry in the country to be board-certified by the American Board of Optometry. She believes taking continuing education courses is one of the best methods to stay on top of recent developments in Optometry. As a result of these standards she has set for herself, she always takes more continuing education than required. She enjoys learning and implementing what she has learned. Over the years she has invested in new technology and training to facilitate earlier diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. This technology helps in diagnosing early macular degeneration and glaucoma, as well as diabetic control and management. If these diseases are caught early, treatment can begin early, minimizing vision loss.

Patient Care

Dr. Brending enjoys talking with and getting to know each patient. In doing so, she feels she can provide better eye health and vision care in a more relaxed environment. She feels some people are nervous about getting their eyes examined, therefore, she works diligently to provide a calm and secure environment for her patients. She wants to answer any questions her patients have and to provide the best vision correction for them. She also wants her patients to know her door is always open, and any issues that come up with glasses will be resolved. Glasses should improve the quality of life; if the fit of the glasses or the vision is not comfortable she wants to know about it.


She is a member of the Texas Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association, as well as the Optometric Professional Network. She has taught at the University of Houston, College of Optometry, for many years, where she enjoyed teaching students in adult, pediatric, and contact lens clinics.


Dr. Brending also enjoys working in the community, especially with school age students. She has spoken at numerous events, such as Expanding Your Horizons and school career days, about being an Optometrist, and has been a mentor for many students over the years. She has also invited students in her office and taught them what an Optometrist does, and shows them, first hand, what technology can do to help diagnose and treat diseases of the eye. She enjoys seeing the excitement in their expression and answering their questions. She hopes to inspire more interest in Optometry.

A more recent hobby for Dr. Brending has been learning about raising cows and ranching. Her youngest daughter raised three heifers while in High School FFA and now her family is in the process of growing the “herd”. Some people have to learn things the hard way. Well, Dr. Brending is no exception! One of the first lessons she learned was to not run from cows! She was running from 3200 pounds of beef and they were gaining on her when she suddenly was saved by the cattle guard. All she could think of at the time, is how is she going to explain this to her patients!


Dr. Brending was honored to recently become a volunteer member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She is on the Calf Scramble Greeters Committee. So far it is quite enjoyable for her. She enjoys working with the kids and seeing the other side of the Calf Scramble organization. She has learned a whole new appreciation for all the volunteers at HLSR. These folks work hard for these kids, and Dr. Brending is looking forward to doing the same.

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Clear Lake Eye Center strive to provide the best care possible.
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